Hosted Content filtering Solution

Ideal for :

  • Controlling access to the internet for your staff.
  • Protecting your business from exposure to inappropriate content.
  • Mitigating risks of web trojans and spyware.
  • Securing web browsing for Bring Your Own Device environments.
  • Reporting on access and browsing habits of your staff.
  • Easy to deploy and manage no hardware required.
Our web filtering solution allows customers to securely control access to the web with granular control on a per user basis, it simple to setup and configure and takes only a few minutes per user. There is no hardware or proxy server software required on the customer premises. The solution blocks inappropriate content and helps stop malicious spyware and Trojans from entering your network. It also helps mitigate an employer’s liability by taking adequate measures to protect staff members from appropriate content.

Web Content Filtering

With today’s web consisting of tens of billions of pages, intelligent content analysis is the only reliable way to protect against the unexpected. Guardian’s Dynamic Content Analysis technology examines not just the content but the context and construction of every web page requested. In this way, all undesirable material (including anonymous proxy sites) can be accurately detected and blocked.

Employee Productivity

Chatting to friends? Booking a vacation? Browsing eBay?
Our software ensures that employees use their time productively by controlling access to non work-related sites, such as news, sport, travel and auctions. Obviously many organisations allow their employees reasonable access to such sites, where time-based policies can permit access to non work-related categories at break times and outside of core working hours.


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