Covid-19 Remote Working Resources

With the spread of the Covid-19 Virus, the majority of the Irish population are trying to isolate themselves by teleworking where possible. We have a suite of products that can assist in this process. Check out our blog also for some remote working tips and links to tutorials where ever your designated workspace maybe.

Communication and Collaboration Tools

Microsoft Teams

Alot of business have moved to Microsoft office 365 in recent years as it offers alot more flexibility to an organisation and most organisations only know about certain aspects of the productivity suite mainly email and sharepoint with one drive. There is also a great tool there for remote working and collaboration called Microsoft Teams, If you have the basic office 365 essentials license this can be used free of charge. All you need to do is sign in with your Office 365 email address and email password.

If you need assistance get in touch we can help you get this setup.

Microsoft Sharepoint & Onedrive

These two office 365 products go hand in hand. They both also integrate with Microsoft teams.These tools allow you to share files and collaborate on files in the office remotely or on the go.

Again these suite of tools come with the basic office 365 license. All you need to do is sign in with your Office 365 email address and email password.

We can assist you in setting these up and migrating your files into these suites of tools

3CX Flexible VOIP Cloud telephone PBX System

3cx is a powerful phone system that allows for unified communication.

Features Below:-

  • Extensions for your smartphone with smart phone apps, Supported VOIP Desk phone, Soft phone with a headset on your laptops or macs
  • Have your office extension anywhere
  • Answer calls anywhere and on the go
  • Video Conferencing
  • Video Calling
  • Chat Instant Messaging
  • Virtual Receptionist to assist in directing calls to right department
  • Voicemails
  • Call recording
  • Hunt groups ring all extension at once or hunt through a number of extensions
  • Integration with office 365
  • Integrate with supported website to offer site chat.
  • Supports Windows 10, Mac OSX, IOS (Iphone), Majority of Android Phones supported
  • Lots more features also



This tool is also been widely used in the remote working community it allows for video conferencing in the main and on the free version you can have a conference for up to 40mins for free with a limited amount of users.

There is also some Microsoft Teams intergration

Rise of remote workers

With the rise of remote workers during this difficult period we have solutions for employers to monitor and engage in employee productivity.

This can be gamified to allow employees to compete against each other to see who can be the most productive and control can be given as granularly as to the head of a department to monitor there teams productivity. Classify different users behaviour into productive or unproductive. Insider threat detection and alot more feature please see the video for a more in depth overview of this product.

These tools come on a per user per month basis.

Remote Server Connectivity

Remote Connectivity

There are a number of tools to allow you to connect to your server or desktop remotely we can implement and deploy a wide range of tools to allow you to work remotely while staying connected to your critical IT systems back in the office.

Contact us today and we can deploy a custom solution that would work for your needs.

Security tools for in office and remote devices

Cloud Antivirus

We have a cloud antivirus solution, What this means unlike traditional antivirus business agents relying from virus definition updates from the local server onsite. These agents connect out to the cloud and get there definition regularly themselves.

DNS Protection

We have DNS protection tools that allow your users browse the internet on there devices with more confidence, in an age of ransomware and other malware threats. This protection actively protects against these threats there are also whitelists and blacklistst to allow you classify access to certain resources.

sites and URLS  are actively classified by the provider to enable better protection and safer browsing for your users against web browsing threats.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

We can offer a range of solutions in this space from hardware authentication keys from app and push delivery of two factor authentication codes.

This allows you and your users to add an extra layer of protection for there sign in process. They either have to have something physically to sign in and there normal password or they need a code and there normal password.

These solutions can be applied to a range of applications and access gateways.

There also maybe some applications or access gateways that they may not be applied to.

It is something worth considering in this day and age with wide spread security breaches happening this adds an additional layer of protection to prevent unauthorized access to resources.


Its important especially for remote devices to be encrypted if they have or are storing and confidential, Personal or sensitive company information on them directly. if they are just been used for access gateways to the company network and there is no data been stored then its not as much of a concern. With the nature of remote devices a lot of cases these are portable devices and its important to have adequate protection on there in case a device goes missing or is stolen.