Focus your personnel on the job

With Safetica you can control what’s happening at the workplace: visited internet sites, the apps used on work tasks, and printer use. Reduce distractions and boost productivity by 30-40%.

Key features:

  • Application blocking
  • Website filtering
  • Printer blocking and quotas
  • Activity reporting

Keep website visits work related

Tie internet access to job requirements. By using Safetica, IT policies can be based on real data – Safetica will give you images of websites abused at the workplace. The choice is yours to record or blocked according to recorded data and the extensive sets of pre-defined websites categories makes rule creation easy. Safetica Web filtering also effectively blocks secured HTTPS connections.

Reduce the range of installed applications

Fix the set of job-related applications for every group or person, removing distractions and the security risks from unknown apps. Establish a less temperamental working environment with a defined AUP so employees know when they can relax.

Reinvent print management

Enjoy professional print management without additional hardware or a complex standalone solution. Safetica sets the framework for more efficient printing on all local and network printers. With Safetica, you can specify quotas, limit color prints, select applications permitted to print documents and even select data categories which can’t be printed due to security policies.

All print management features can be controlled by managers directly from the Safetica Management Console, no additional training is needed.

Get a working AUP (Acceptable Use Policy)

Safetica offers an effective software solution for creating your company’s AUP (Acceptable Use Policy). See what your employees do throughout the day, set the activity limits, and get alert messages for significant infringements.

Manage activity filtering from a single point

Safetica enables you to flexibly react on company changes – new employees, department restructurings, making exceptions, and changing individual job descriptions. All activity filtering oversight is done through the Safetica Management Console,the same place for charting productivity improvements.