Nobody wants to stay late in the office

Safetica enables your employees to fully focus on work-related tasks and give you the overview of their actions in Safetica Management Console. At the same place you can limit the behavior you find unrelated to individual’s job description.

Predicting issues is better than solving issues

Now you can reveal dangerous sneaking changes in staff behavior before they escalate into security conflict threatening your confidential data. Or before the changes in productivity are irreversible. Safetica process all recorded data into interactive graphs so the management won’t spend the whole day finding signs in thousands of log records. Details are available immediately in case of need. Safetica offers set of professional tools for data processing – hierarchical grouping, multiple filtering, sorting and in-result search.

Key features:

  • Trend analysis

Find differences between job description
and real work done

Optimize the work of your key workers with not-intrusive recording that can help you better understand their job tasks. You can selectively select information you need to track (websites, applications, files used, e-mails send and lot more).

Key features:

  • Website access monitoring
  • E-mail & universal webmail reporting
  • Versatile IM monitoring
  • Screen recording
  • Search reporting
  • Application usage monitoring
  • File operation activity
  • Printer usage reporting

Get warned immediately after issues appear

With Safetica you will be warned of sudden changes in employee behavior. The alert can reach you even if you are not sitting at your desk on any e-mail cappable device.

Key features:

  • Safetica Reports
  • Safetica Alerts

Cut bottlenecks in tasks processing

With Safetica it is always clear where the issue appeared and what was its original source. Productivity measurement features eliminates excuses and provide you essential information to improve company processes.