Email filtering activation

Because our email filtering service is delivered as on a SAAS platform it means that activation only takes about fifteen minutes.The service starts protecting your companies email servers from spammers,botnets,slammers and virus infected hosts.Also if you are currently under attack from denial of service or dictionary harvest attacks, a simple change over to our services will eliminate most of these issues within the first few hours,no matter how large the attack is.

  • One phone call to activate
  • Start protecting your companies email servers now
  • No hardware or software to maintain or configure
The Service provided by Host-It has not only reduced overhead, but the sophisticated filtering employed has increased efficency.
As well as forming an important part of our disaster recovery plan, the solution ensures access to business critical information 24/7/365 from any location.
Working with Host-IT has been a breath of fresh air. The team consistently delivers on-time and within budget and their after sales service is second to none.

Paul Brearly, IT Director