IT Procurement & Logistics

Concerned about your IT procurement efforts not meeting expectations?

Our IT Procurement services offer the following benefits:

  • Identify your exact IT requirements and resolve them with targeted solutions
  • Access to the latest IT solutions via our tier-one partnerships with IT vendors
  • An IT Procurement Manager to negotiate favourable pricing and support offers
  • Guarantee that your security, performance and capability needs are met
  • Fully Understand Your IT Procurement Options

Today’s IT industry offers a wide range of options, but understanding them is a challenge, much less selecting the right system and deploying it optimally.

Our IT Procurement Managers will help you navigate the myriad of IT solutions available on the market by offering complete insights on what they are and how (if at all) they are relevant to you.

Build a IT Procurement Strategy Centered on Cost Savings

Our IT consultants will assist you with developing a comprehensive IT purchasing process that offers clear insights in your IT spending and resources.

We ensure that you are only procuring the IT solutions you need for your current and long-term business operations, thus avoiding unnecessary costs. Our IT procurement managers will also negotiate with vendors (by leveraging our tier-one industry partnerships) for favourable pricing, warranties and support deals on hardware, software and services.


Host-IT will help you map out a hardware procurement strategy built on generating cost savings through the following:

  • Methods to standardise equipment configurations
  • Acquire manufacturer enhanced or extended hardware support
  • Build life-cycle management strategies
  • Develop sustainable financing strategies

Our software procurement support will enable you to deploy the right applications and services across your entire company.

  • Procure only the software you require for your business operations
  • License in accordance with the exact user need, avoiding any surplus or redundancies
  • Keep your software assets up-to-date and avoid security vulnerabilities from happening
  • Leverage scale to secure favourable volume licensing deals

Leverage cutting-edge IT development such as the Cloud and Unified Communications in a way that actually works for your company:

  • Select scalable cloud hosting solutions for your expanding data storage needs
  • Identify the right solutions for Backup & Recovery and building Virtual environments
  • Identify readily deployable communications and remote-collaboration tools