Easy to Use

E-Sweep’s email filtering service is easy to use via our web front end.Customers and site administrators can login using any web browser from any location and get access to the web portal.This allows administrators to manage the service at a site level,whilst also allowing users individual access to check their email logs,quarantine and administer their white and black lists,as well as check the delivery status of individual messages.
  • configure their white and black list
  • run reports
  • manage quarantine
  • view logs
  • view virus and Spam statistics
  • configure file type
  • use Message content protection
A sample top 10 virus report
Host IT’s backup service played a vital role throughout our server upgrade project. I found it very reliable, easy to use and incredibly FAST. The email and spam filtering service they provide is also second to none, blocking 100′s of unsolicited emails to us everyday.
Mark Kavanagh