Managed WiFi solutions for business

Secure and reliable Wi-Fi is now prerequisite to businesses at this point. This comes with many benefits including BYOD. In the ever changing IT landscape WiFi and remote access allows staff flexibility and mobility to be productive where ever they maybe.

For IT administrators/Departments its important to have a visible and flexible wifi system to allow administrators full visibility of the wifi system so that they can manage it effectively.

We can deliver systems that achieve this and more.

  1. Optimise and Prioritise network traffic for different applications
  2. Provide IT with full visibility on all wireless traffic
  3. IT must be able to recognize end user devices
  4. Be intelligent enough to provide a client match facility so the end user can match to the nearest access point to enhance your “always connected” to the strongest signal to optimize connectivity
  5. Secure the Back Office applications from any wireless activity in your business
  6. Deliver a consistent and reliable user experience
  7. Manage Bandwidth activity