Office IT Relocation

Relocation, mergers, and growth can require substantial and complex changes to your IT infrastructure. We’ll provide the expert support you need, carefully managing your relocation to ensure everything works smoothly from day one of your move.

Relocation Check List

Planning your IT Relocation

Moving business technology equipment can be the most complex, challenging and riskiest part of any office move. You simply can’t afford to neglect this aspect of your office relocation. Host-IT will help you plan for a successful, low-risk move.

The earlier you start planning your business technology relocation, the less risk you’ll experience and the better your chances of having a well-planned and smoothly executed move. Host-IT  guides you through the key phases of moving your business technology services, including:

  • Evaluating & planning business technology requirements for your new office
  • Assessing available connectivity resources – and identify restrictions your new Landlord may impose
  • Creating a resilient Business Continuity Plan to safeguard your valuable data and information
  • How to organise a technology move – from packing tips to order of migration
  • Creating & effectively using a Business Technology Test Plan to ensure everything is working on that all-important first day in your new office
Don’t let IT become a disaster!

Picture the scene. Your staff arrive at your new office for the first time to find that their computers and phones aren’t working. Let’s agree that this is not a good place to be! Can we also agree that it is an entirely reasonable expectation that a company’s communications infrastructure (computers, servers, email, copiers, fax machines, phone systems etc) are fully functional on the first day in the new office.

Your IT and Communications systems are central to you being able to operate efficiently.

Your IT & Telecoms infrastructure is the the lifeblood of your company. If your systems aren’t working and your phones aren’t ringing in your new office then you can’t operate. It cannot be overstated that getting this aspect of your office move wrong (ie delays and downtime) can have dire operational and financial consequences for your business.

Experience shows that:

  • you can never start the process early enough
  • the lead times are often longer than many companies imagine

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