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Online Backup and Disaster Recovery Services


We design and implement a wide range of solutions to ensure you meet your RPO and RTO


Online Backup

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  • Fully managed
  • Daily email reports
  • 100% Irish owned and operated
  • Data stored in our Dublin Data centers

BackupVault our online backup service allows you to pay a monthly subscription to have your data backed up for disaster recovery & long term retention. The service is a fully redundant, managed remote backup solution.

Many companies are relying on tapes for long-term storage & disaster recovery. However managing, verifying and rotating tapes is time consuming and extremely error prone.


Security: The data is encrypted by a 256-bit algorithm before it is sent to our data centres. BackupVault manages the data for optimum availability & security.

Affordable Protection: BackupVault’s online storage offers backup and  recovery capabilities without any upfront investment. Your business pays a fixed monthly fee, rather than investing in backup hardware, software and tape media, additional IT administration time and off site tape services.

BackupVault has many benefits:

Offsite Data Storage & Protection: Your data is stored, securely at our redundant data centres. Data restores are made easier and faster because you can access your data from anywhere at anytime online with large scale restores delivered to your office if required.

Complete Control: You control what data is backed up and when it is backed up and how long the backups are kept for.

We offer three options for Disaster recovery.

  • All-in-one backup and virtualisation solution, which protects data, applications and operating systems.
  • Off-site managed backup service that allows customers to access their data in the event of a critical incident.
  • Fully managed business continuity and disaster recovery solution, which includes all services and support.

Most disaster recovery and business continuity solutions focus on the recovery of IT infrastructure and services from one location to another location, with a limited window of downtime ranging from a few minutes to a few hours.

This process usually involves purchasing identical or “like for like” hardware and backing up to tape nightly. These solutions only give you the starting points of a recovery plan. Unfortunately the actual recovery often involves time consuming and complex operating system rebuilds and data recovery to identical hardware. This results in hours and sometimes days of down time and services disruption, with a high risk of failure.

In addition very little thought is often given to in house disasters where only one or two servers are affected, but the majority of servers continue to function.

Our hybrid hosted disaster recovery model allows companies the best of both worlds when it comes to both on site and offsite disaster recovery,allowing your company to start recovering its servers locally or remotely within minutes, without the need for complex tape restores, manual operating system rebuilds, or “like for like” hardware located in another location.


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