MTA Level filtering

Our email filtering servers begin interception of potential spammers and slammers at the message transport agent level,we have a number of controls in place to prevent compromised hosts from slamming our servers with thousands of emails per second,thus swamping their capacity,In addition to this we also employ several additional features such as greet pause and greylisting to help mitigate these issues at the backbone level.Additionally we use several real time block lists that automatically reject known spammers at this stage.


All of our sending mail servers support SMTP auth and TLS encryption, this prevents with compromised machines from being able to relay outbound through our servers and makes control of our outbound smtp feeds easier to manage and maintain.

Sender Policy Framwork support

SPF support helps sending and recieving email servers identify if an email has come from a recognised source listed in the sending domains dns records,this helps to prevent spammers from forging the sending address and sending you bounce or backsactter type of spam, this is a practice where you recieve non delivery reports from thousands of email servers that have been sent spam with your companies forged email address in the reply to field.The result is thousands of spam bounce emails sent directly to your servers,wasting time and resources.


Host IT’s backup service played a vital role throughout our server upgrade project. I found it very reliable, easy to use and incredibly FAST. The email and spam filtering service they provide is also second to none, blocking 100′s of unsolicited emails to us everyday.
Mark Kavanagh